Peggy Peg

Peggy Peg

Peggy Peg is the the next generation of award winning screw in tent pegs which is now available in Australia but manufactured in Germany. The innovative Peggy Peg range  of screw in tent pegs and awning accessories are proving very  popular in all areas of camping and 4 wheel driving. 

There is a Peggy Peg for all ground types from soft sand, soil, hard packed red dirt to stoney rocky ground. 

Peggy Peg screw in tent pegs are suitable for awning and  annex ground plates, and for  tarp clamps.

Peggy Pegs  are five times lighter than  a conventional metal peg but  with ten times better grip! Made from UV resistent fiberglass or Aluminium the Peggy Peg can  be  screwed in by hand  or by use of a  Cordless drill.