• Bubzidoo Baby Wrap

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    Baby Wrap


    This special wrap is designed to fit baby snugly and easily wrapping only babies arms. In a pram lay the Bubzidoo in first, then place your baby, belt or buckle up and then wrap baby when its time for sleep. That's right, the Bubzidoo wraps right around and over the belts or buckles so baby is safe and soundly asleep. The Bubzidoo comes in four sizes, small ( premature babies), medium (0-3 months), large (see sizing below) and now extra large (see sizing below) and in 5 bright colours as shown below. See sizing chart below for measurements.








     36 cm

     48 cm


    0-3 months 

     45 cm

     60 cm


    3-6 months (approx.)

     60 cm

     75 cm


    6-9 months (approx.)

     70 cm

     80 cm

    To ensure correct sizing please measure you baby around their torso with their arms at their side (or however you wish to place them) then use the chart below to work out what size would fit your baby. The Bubzidoo is suppose to fit baby snuggly around their torso.


  • Organic Wrapping Sheet

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    Organic Wrapping Sheet

    Our Wrapping Sheets are 2 meters long…. providing plenty of room to wrap older babies. We have made the width only 68 cm as any extra would lead to a mountain of excess fabric at your babies feet.
     With the Wrapping Sheet you need no special wrapping skills, you just wrap it around your baby. If you have a newborn you can still use the Wrapping Sheet , you just fold it in half ! You then have a 1 meter wrap and as your baby grows you can lengthen the wrap as required.

    Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet made in Australia from 100% organic cotton 200cm x 68cm colour : White