• Cameo Pink And Lace Cushion

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    • Vintage appeal pink and lace cushion that will take you back in time.
    • Beautifully detailed with rosettes  a cameo in the centre all embedded on lace.
    • With lace surrounding the cushion edging.
    • The cushion measures 30cm square.

  • Set of 2 Memory Foam Pillows

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    Set of 2 Memory Foam Pillows

    Improving your sleep quality has never been easier. It is time to replace your old and flat pillow with our revolutionary memory foam pillow. Memory foam is a great invention and it has been widely used in many places where comfort is crucial, including hotels and hospitals. This memory foam pillow is made of special high density memory foam to provide support for your neck and shoulder while you sleep. As part of our bedding series, this high quality yet affordable pair of pillows is all you need to improve your sleep quality.