• Croco-Adapter Pack of 4

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    The Peggy peg Croc-Adapter slides into the sail tracks, or rope tracks of your awning, and allows you to connect Crocodile pegs and Tie straps anywhere along the rail..


    The Croc-Adapter is manufactured from high strength polyethylene; each unit has a set of plug-in sleeves with a bayonet lock to accommodate both sizes of awning rails & cara-groves – 6 mm and 10 mm.


    The Croc-Adapter clips onto the Crocodile peg which allows you to hang a multitude of things from the rail – towels, washing lines, sun shades, etc. etc. They can also be used on the caravan skirt rail, to hold the winter cover more securely.


    The Croc-Adapter will also clip into the blue rope clip on the Peggy Peg Tie Strap, allowing you to attach extra anchor points to tie down your awning


  • Tie Strap

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    Pack contains one Tie Strap, one 14cm heavy duty spring, and one Croc-Adapter.


    Facts :


    Length 1.5M to 3M

    Weight 190g

    The PP25 Tie Strap is an extra guy rope, or stay for Awnings, Gazebos; Tents; Tarps; Annexes; Wind Breaks, indeed anything that requires an extra guy rope.

    The bright orange webbing strap is adjustable from 1.5m to 3 m, and comes supplied with a heavy duty spring, that acts like a shock absorber in the anchoring system.

    The end fittings on the Tie Strap are similar to the normal blue rope clip supplied on the standard pegs (PP02) these clips allow the tie strap to be securely connected to Normal Peggy peg (PP02) and the Croco-Adapter slips into any of the sail tracks or caravan awning rope tracks to give a secure fixing point.

    The strap has a fast action buckle on the end, so that there are no loose ends to flying about, and if you find the strap flapping simply put a few twists in the strap, and it will sit quietly.


  • Aluminium Drill Driver

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    New in 2012 – an aluminium version of the drill adapter for drilling any of the pegs where the torque is likely to be high. 

    We strongly recommend this drill adapter if you are intending to drill in your pegs as opposed to screwing in by hand.

    It simply removes a potentially weak link where high twisting torques are experienced. 


  • Anchor Plate – Pack of 2...

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    Ever tried to secure something and one peg just wont do the job? spread the load with Peggy Peg Anchor Plate and get the strength of up to seven pegs.

    The Anchor plate (blue) has a modified slot to take both the old and the new style Fiama and Omnistore awning feet. The new Anchor plate, used in conjunction with the Uni-Plate (orange), will hold a round pole and stop It moving. Shown here with the Uni-Plate, the combination is much easier to see and hopefully less easy to trip over. The anchor plate can be use with up to six standard Peggy Pegs and one large peg.



  • Barkeeper XXL Pack of One

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    Length, from 48-80cm, infinitely adjustable, and spring loaded.

    Diameter body 22mm, and the feet 27mm

    Weight 155 grams

    This is the' Big-Brother'; or the 'Heavy-Duty' version of the other Barkeepers

    As with the others, the ‘sticky’ feet are manufactured from Thermo-Plastic Rubber (TPR) this rubber composition exhibits a much higher friction coefficient. Meaning it has very high slip resistance and so stays in place much better than other cheaper rubbers.

    The XXL Barkeepers is only available in White

    All the Barkeepers are manufactured from aluminium, consequently they are light weight, and easy to use. The inside of the Barkeeper is threaded so that the length is easily and infinitely adjusted by simply screwing one end out of the other. The units incorporate a strong short-stroke spring that makes the Barkeeper easy to install and with the aid of the TPR feet, virtually guarantees that the unit will stay in place in the harshest of conditions.

    A further advantage of the aluminium construction is that the unit won’t rust when exposed to humidity in fridges, or in cupboards and drawers when your rig is near the beach, or in the tropics.

    Typical uses are –

    Drawers, be they in caravans, camper trailers, RVs, 4x4s , yachts, motor cruisers, super yachts, etc.

    Fridges, be they upright, where items can be retained at the back of the individual shelves. Or chest fridges where bottles can be held to one side to prevent spilling, or meat trays prevented from falling over when something is temporarily removed for use – the milk, the wine, the sweet chilli sauce, whatever.

    When travelling, optimising the quality of the foods in the fridge is paramount. By installing a couple of Barkeepers, you can keep the heavy items away from the delicate fruit and veg, thus prolonging their shelf life, which is important when fresh supplies are scarce

  • Combo Tool

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    The combo driver tool can be used in a cordless drill or by hand and fits the entire Peggy Peg range. Suitable for both the aluminium and reinforced plastic pegs

    The 17mm hex socket moulded into the orange handle makes an ideal hand wrench allowing you to get the last bit of grip from the pegs, it also lets you to feel the peg flexing, when it is securely anchored, and ready to do its work.



  • Crocodile Clamps – Pack ...

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    The Crocodile Peggy® is a powerful, multifunctional, adjustable, quick-release clamp. Once clamped onto material it has a steel like grip. Made of fiberglass and UV-resistant nylon, it will withstand the highest demands. The possibilities are endless – when material needs holding in place, the Crocodile Peggy® is the ideal solution. 

    Not only can it be used to secure your camp site but also ideal for covering loads on trailers when on the move, hanging washing, and making extra eyes to tie off to.

    The Crocodile Peggy® Comes in a pack of 4 and  is fully compatible with other Peggy Peg products!



  • Fix & Go Kit Peggy Peg

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    Pack Contents: 2 Fix and Go plates, 6 Small pegs, 6 Standard pegs, 2 Large plastic pegs, and 1 Combo tool.

    The fix and go pack is the perfect kit for trailer tent, caravan and RV owners, and especially those using the Fiamma system. It comes with all you will need to secure your awning or annexe. The pack contains 2 fix and go plates, 6 x small pegs, 6 x standard pegs, 2 x large plastic pegs, and 1 x combo tool.

    The Peggy Peg "Fix & Go" is designed to fit the awning legs or annex tent poles to fit directly into the well and secured in place by siding the one way release ratchet clips into place. Each Fix & Go allows for up to 6 standard Peggy Pegs or 4 standard and 2 large pegs to secure it to the ground. 

    For more information on the pegs see the products page for each peg size.


  • Fix & Go Plate – Pa...

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    The Peggy Peg "Fix & Go" is the ultimate piece of equipment for securing you Fiamma brand awning or annex.

    The awning legs or annex tent poles fit directly into the well of the "Fix & Go" and secured in place by siding the one way release ratchet clips in place. the system is designed to work with poles up to 25mm and can be either round or square. The Fix & Go plate allows for up to 6 standard Peggy Pegs or 4 standard and 2 large pegs to secure it to the ground.

    Unlike normal tent pegs Peggy Pegs promote maximum holding in vertical movement due to the thread of the pegs as well as in a horizontal directions. 

    Used together with the fix and go this allows for excellent security of your awning as well as piece of mind. So when the afternoon breeze picks up you can be happy that your awning legs will remain firmly on the ground.

    The Fix and Go kit really is a must need piece of equipment for all trailer tent, caravan and RV owners and especially those with the Fiamma system.